Shop Management Software

Shop Management Software

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Shop Management Software2024-06-14T10:14:22+05:30

Nek Maart

Shop Management Software

India’s one of the best Invoicing Software for shops, supermarkets, medical shops, shoping mall, restaurants, wholesale shops as recognised by our customers, a digital solution that helps businesses streamline their billing process by automating invoicing and payment collection. The best software for billing, accounting, inventory & management .

  • Effortlessly manage real-time Inventory & Accounting

  • Smart Purchase & Re-Ordering System

  • Experience Uninterrupted GST Billing & Return Filing

  • Enjoy 100% free e-Invoicing with NekMaart

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Features Of NekMaart Software

Business Management

Neksoft Consultancy Services LLC

Setting Business Multiple Locations/Stores or Ware House/ Malls or Storefronts

Product Management

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Import/Export, Variations, Product expiry, Bulk Price Update, Product Category


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Adding user & assigning location to a user, Adding Superadmin, Commission Agent

Purchase Management

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Inventory, Student Information, HR, User Log & Others

Product Catalogue

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QR Code, Product Categories, Product Images, Price, SKU & Offers

Online Shop Management

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Customer Data Management, Sales Analytics, Order Processing

Payment Methods

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Cash, Card, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Other and Custom Payment Options


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Email & SMS configuration,  Auto Sending of Notifications

Inventory management

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Stock Transfer, Renewal, Stock can be edited in pending status and deleted after completing

Mobile App

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Purchase /Sell, Print/Share Invoice, View Payments, Multiple Languages available

Sales/ Sell Management

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Using Ultimate POS for selling of services, Sales Return, Shipments, Home Delivery  Management

Contact Management

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Supplier & Customers, Advanced balance, Adding opening balance & payment


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Purchase & Sale Report, Tax Reports, Tracking product stock report with date, Expense Report


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Expense Refund, Adding expenses, Adding expenses for an employee or customer or supplier

Tax Settings

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Setting ultimate POS with GST support, Inline Tax & Invoice Tax, Disabling Tax


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Backup in Server, AWS S3 & Dropbox, Backup for localhost, Windows Operating System

Booking Management

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Tables, Bookings, Modifiers, Kitchen – for Restaurants, Saloon, Service center & others

HRM Module

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Leave Management, Attendance,Shift management, Payroll, Holidays

Asset Management

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Allocate Asset, Maintenance, Revoked, Categories, Settings, Track assets warranty

SaaS Module

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Can see all the businesses registered in the POS, Add a New business, Deactivate/ Delete

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Know More About NekMaart

MIS Reports2024-06-13T17:32:06+05:30
  • Cash Flow, Funds Flow & Ratio Analysis
  • Budgets / Targets / Credit Limits
  • Online Graph, SMS & E-mail
  • Any Report Export to Word & Excel
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis
  • Gross Profit Analysis
  • Financial, Expenses & Budget Analysis
  • Operator Wise Powers & Boundations with Operator Log Book
Fully User-Configurable Invoicing2024-06-13T17:25:34+05:30
  • Tax Inclusive, Exclusive & MRP Billing
  • Multiple –taxes in Single Invoice
  • Manufacturing / Trading Excise Invoice
  • Export Invoice & Packaging Slip
  • Option for Pre-printed stationery
  • Self-Designable Invoice Format
Discount & Schemes2024-06-13T17:09:56+05:30
  • Items Wise Percentages Discounts
  • Discounts on Complete Bill
  • Data Wise Schemes, Quantity Based Rate & Discounts
  • Various types of Schemes, Like A Item Free with B Item Etc.
Purchase Features2024-06-13T17:07:14+05:30
  • Purchase Planning & Purchase Order Management
  • Supplier Wise Various Outstanding Reports & Remainder
  • Pending DR / CR & Replacement Notes
  • Auto Barcode / Label Printing from Purchase Bill
  • Fix Sales Rates & Deals at the Time of Purchase
  • Online Shortage Management
  • Purchase Costing Comparison
  • 1000’s of Purchase Reports & Analysis
  • Online / Softcopy Purchase
Billing Features2024-06-13T15:48:43+05:30
  • Billing Features
  • Multi Rate, Price List, & Discount
  • Cash / Credit / Split Invoice & Challan
  • Sales Return & Replacement on Sale Bill
  • Discount and Scheme
  • Salesman / Route / Area Wise Bills & Reports
  • Indication for Loss, Min, Max, New / Old Rate & Expiry
  • Negative Stock Billing Facility
  • Self-Designed Price List (Set Formula in Price List)
  • Godown Wise Billing & Stock Position
  • Bill Import / Export & Message on Bill
  • Auto Calculation of Levies & no Chance of Manual Mistake
  • View O/s Stock, Ledger. Last Deal of Sale & Purchase Returns, Receipt Payment Bill
  • Modification at the Time of Billing
  • Counter Sale Entry Provision
  • Party History Dashboard on Party Selection
  • Provision to Load Item from Other Bill

Take Your Business Online With NekMaart App

An all-encompassing solution for any business: a robust inventory management system, comprehensive invoice and GST software, efficient stock management software, and intuitive online invoicing software.

  • Online Shopping
  • Share Invoice
  • View payments
  • List products
  • View customer dues
  • View leads
  • View customers
  • View suppliers
  • Attendance
  • Multiple languages

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Digitize Your Sales with NekMaart Shop Management Software

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Automating Tasks

Reduce errors and tedious tasks with NekMaart Accounting software. Minimize manual data entry, enhance efficiency, and access your data automatically whenever needed by entering it just once.

eBusiness Mobile Apps

Stay connected with India’s best POS software. Use the NekMaart App to get real-time order updates, manage orders, receive payments, and check outstanding balances on the go.

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Digital Payment & Collection

Simplify collections and payments with NekMaart payment gateways: secure payments, bill reconciliation, business loans, and direct supplier payments. Enjoy cashback and offers with online billing.

Multi Currency Billing

NekMaart POS Billing Software allows you to accept payments via cash, cheques, debit, or credit cards in multiple currencies, including Pounds, Dollars, and Euros.

Multiple Languages 2 Neksoft Consultancy Services LLC
Multiple Languages 1 Neksoft Consultancy Services LLC

Billing in Multiple Languages

Boost sales with customizable invoices in local languages like Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. Not only locally but Internationally also NekMaart can be managed in any language. Easily design headers and generate invoice for better customer connection.

SMS/Whatsapp/Email Setup

NekMaart POS software in India ensures timely payments with softcopy and PDF invoices, and notifies customers via email, SMS, or WhatsApp, reducing retail business burdens.

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Invoice Customisation

Create professional tax invoices effortlessly with customizable templates in NekMaart electronic invoicing software, featuring designs that align with your company logo and brand identity.

Multi Store Management

NekMaart’s multi-store management feature allows centralized control of inventory, sales, and operations across multiple stores, streamlining efficiency and enhancing business oversight.

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Multiple Languages 6 Neksoft Consultancy Services LLC

GST Bill

NekMaart shop management software facilitates seamless GST billing with automated generation of GST invoices, ensuring compliance and simplifying tax reporting.

Backing up Data

The Data Backup feature in NekMaart ensures secure storage and retrieval of crucial business information, safeguarding against potential data loss.

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